Rectangular - Items tagged as "Crocus"

Rectangular tablecloths started when new at approximately 70 by 52
View all 1930s 60s acanthus all linen American animals apples applique aqua as you like it Atomic autumn banquet barbecue Basket basketweave bbq Beige black black americana blue bold bread broderie brown bunny burgundy burlap Butterflies Calaprint calico california hand print California Hand Prints calla lilies callaway calories camellia Camellias Candelabra Candle Candles carnations Cartoon Chef chicken chickens CHP Christmas Clovers cocktails colonial Coral crocus cutter Cutter? daisies daisy damaged Decanters designer prints diamonds Dinner dishes dogwood dogwoods dot early easter elite creation fairfield falflax Fall fallani and cohn flatware floral Flower food forks frontpage Fruit Funky Garden garden state house of prints Garland Gate glasses Glassware gold Golden gray green greenaway Grey gs co hardy craft harmony house herb herbs hibiscus holiday holiday values holidays holly Hotel HTF Iris italy Ivan Bartlett Jars JS&S kebabs Kitchen knife knives label lace Lanterns large larger lavender leacock Leaves letters Lights lilac lilacs lilies lily linen lobster lord's prayer luther travis Magenta marlene linens melon menus merry christmas mistletoe Mod morning glories MWT Napkins nautical nos Nosegays novelties novelty NWOT olive on Orange orchid Orchids Oriental PA Dutch paisley pansies parisian prints pastel pat prichard Patriotic Peach pears periwinkle pine Pink place settings plaid Poinsettia poinsettias polkadot polkadots poppies poppy Pottery Pretty primary prints charming prints-es pumpkin purple queen ann on indian head quilting rayon rectangle rectangular red reindeer reproduction retangle reverse printed rhododendron Ribbons rooster rope ropes Rose rosebuds roses roses red roslyn rust Rustic Sage salmon santa Scrolls Shabby sheeting Shelves shiny brites silver silverware Simtex smudgy Snowflakes souvenir Spice Spring square Starbursts stars startex steak Strawberries stripe stripes sun sun glo printorama sun-glo suns Tablecloth tagged Tammis Keefe tan Taupe taylor wellington sears teatime Terry TERRYCLOTH Thanksgiving tree Trees tulip tulips turkey Turquoise Unwashed value values Vegetable Veggies vera Vicray Victory victory hand prints Vintage violet violets Waitress waterlilies wheat Wheelbarrows white yellow