Imperfect Pink Roses on Aqua Bars Floral Vintage Printed Tablecloth (50 X 50)

The Vintage Table

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Absolutely gorgeous, this cloth has a few minor issues. There are some dye swipes on the back that are barely visible on the front. It is gently faded. Three nibbles out of the underneath of the hem.

This tablecloth has three hems, which is unusual but not unknown. Some earlier tablecloths were printed on wider looms then cut between two, requiring a hem on one side as well as at the top and bottom of the tablecloth as it came off the loom.

  • Dye Condition: gently faded
  • Fabric Content: midweight cotton
  • Hems/Selvedges: three nibbles in the underside of one hem
  • Holes/Tears: none
  • Size: 50 X 50 inches
  • Stains: no stains but dye swipes on the back are barely visible on the front
  • Dog Friendly House!

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