Values - Items tagged as "Tea"

Too broken to use, but great to cut? Common cloths in fairly good condition? You can find them here. Everything in this category is $25 or less! They may be wrinkly or could benefit from a soak but they will all be washed and described as best I can.
View all 60s acanthus all linen Animal apple apples apricot aqua asparagus Atomic autumn bakery bamboo bananas barbecue bbq bee balm begonias black Block block print Blossom blue blue willow Bows branches bread broderie brown bubblegum bucilla Burgundy butterflies butterfly ca Cacti cactus cloth CAHP calaprint california california hand print California Hand Prints callaway camellia Camellias carnations cat chartreuse chef cherries cherry chinoiserie CHP chrysanthemums chrysathemums circles clematis Clovers cobalt colonial cooking coral Courting cowboy cowgirls cross stitch cutter Cutter? daffodil daffodils dahlias daisies daisy damaged della robia Dewan diamonds dianthus dog dogs dogwood early fairytale Fall Fashioned fiatelle floral Flower flowerpots food forget me not French gardenias Geometric Giant gladioli gold Grapes graphic gray greek green Grey grid hand print hand printed Handprinted hardy craft harmony house Hawaii hearts hibiscus holiday values Horse horses HTF hydrangea hydrangeas iris irises Ivan Bartlett ivy jadite kitchen Labels ladies large leacock leaves leda? lemon lilac lilacs lilies lily lily of the valley lime Linen luther travis Magenta Magnolias marlene linens Melon Mexican mg monarda monogram morning glories morning glory mwt Napkins nasturtiums nile nosegay nosegays NWOT Old olive orange oranges Orchids oval overlock palm trees pans pansies pansy parisian prints pastel patriotic peach pear pears peas peonies peony people picnic pilgrims pinecones pink Plaid polka dot plaid polka dots polkadot Polkadots poppies poppy Pots Preserves Pretty primary Printed prints charming purple pussy willow Queen Ann queen anne princess cloth racing rayon rectangle rectangular Red reverse printed rhododendron ribbon Ribbons riding rooster roosters Rose rose of sharon rosebuds roses roses red round royal rose Rustic Sage salad Salmon scrolling scrolls Shabby sheeting Simtex smudgy spring Springmaid square Squash st regis stained glass Starbursts startex state Statues stevens Strawberries Strawberry stripes sunflower sunflowers surfing sweet pea sweet peas Tablecloth tag Tan Taupe Tea teal temples texas thistle tiger lilies tomato tomatoes topper Transportation trellis Tropical tulip tulips Turquoise Unwashed Urns value values vase vases Vintage violas violets watermelon Wavy wedding wild roses wild west wilendur willow wire words wrought iron yardage yellow zinnias